What is the vision for this site?

The JCMP sporting precinct was designed to cater for state and international level lawnbowls, cycling and football (soccer) competitions and forms an integral part of Victoria’smajor sporting facilities. It is important that use by higher level sport is balanced withcommunity and local resident sports participation, which forms a large part of the facility useon a day to day basis. In its current state this sporting precinct has a number of issuesrelated to access, parking, existing facilities provision and how the different sports worktogether. Extensive consultation with all users and our community through this master planprocess aims to develop plans that provide positive outcomes in all of these domains, plusidentify opportunities to enhance the facilities to create a more vibrant sporting precinct intothe future.

What are the implementation timelines for the masterplan?

The consultation period will be open from Friday 21 July 2017 until Friday 18 August 2017.Following this, amendments will be made to the draft masterplan in line with the feedbackreceived. It is anticipated that Council will consider the finalised master plan later in 2017.

Who is paying for all the elements identified in the new masterplan?

There are a number of stakeholders to this master plan that may financially contribute
towards future development of the facilities. Primarily Council will fund most of the upgrades however other parties who have a key interest in the site including the Victorian State
Government, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Sporting Associations such as Cycling Victoria,
Football Federation Victoria and Bowls Australia; and Northcote City Football Club also have
a role to play in provision of funding to see various elements of the master plan become a

Will the synthetic soccer pitches be upgraded?

Council has allocated budget to upgrade the three exiting synthetic soccer pitches. Thisproject is due to start by September 2017 and it is anticipated that works will be completedby March 2018.

What is happening with the intersection and car parking?

The current intersection is not designed to cater effectively for the number of vehicles thatenter and exit the precinct. Council has consulted with VicRoads who have advised that it islikely a signalised intersection upgrade is required that aligns with the exiting entrance toSparks Avenue. This new intersection will include a pedestrian crossing and the existingcrossing next to the current entrance will be removed. It has also been advised that theaccess road that currently runs from Darebin Road to Clarendon Street is discontinued.Entrance to the Clarendon Street carpark will be via Clarendon Street.

The masterplan needs to take into account the current and future car parking needs of the precinct. Traffic engineers have estimated that nearly 800 car parks are required throughout the precinct to meet the current and future needs of sporting users. This allowance has been made in the planning for the site. The proposed intersection and car parking layout can be seen in the draft masterplan. These proposed changes will provide a safer vehicle and pedestrian egress to and throughout the precinct.

What sports will the precinct cater for?

With implementation of the master plan the JCMP sporting precinct can cater for a large variety of sporting uses including soccer, lawn bowls, cycling, netball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, badminton and other indoor court sports. Council is interested to hear your views and encourages your feedback if you would like to see a particular sport catered for.

When will some of the key elements happen?

The upgraded synthetic soccer pitches should be operational by March 2018. Council is aiming to commence construction on the multi-sports stadium by 2019 with the build taking approximately 18 months. Other elements such as realignment of the soccer pitches do not have a set date yet. These may not happen for up to 10 years and are subject to external funding.

Will there be disruption on the site while facilities are being constructed?

There will be some disruption during construction and Council will endeavour to ensure operations for existing tenants will be maintained. Any disruption that may affect local residents such as the intersection upgrade will be communicated well in advance.

How can I get involved in sports at this site?

To get involved in a sport at this site you can contact the club or sporting association directlyfor the sport in which you are interested which include Northcote City Soccer Club, DarebinCity Bowls Club, Bowls Australia, Football Federation Victoria or Cycling Victoria. Alternatelyyou can:- Follow Darebin Leisure on Facebook at facebook.com/darebin.leisure/- Visit darebin.vic.gov.au/Discover-Darebin/Spaces-and-places/Sport-and-Leisure- Email LEISURE@DAREBIN.VIC.GOV.AU- Come along to one of the onsite information sessions