Will there be more community consultation?

Absolutely! Once we understand what the redevelopment will require, the next stages of the project will investigate design possibilities which will include further community consultation.

What is Councils objective for the NARC Feasibility Study?

Council’s objective for the NARC Feasibility Study is to collect feedback from the community including current users and non-users of NARC to better understand what our future priorities and needs are.

What happens after the community consultation?

Once the community consultation is completed, the information will be analysed and incorporated into the feasibility study which will be presented to Council early 2018.

Does this mean NARC will close?

No, we are only in the initial stages of understanding the extent of the redevelopment. If NARC is required to close at a future date to undergo renovation then the community will be appropriately notified.

When will the redevelopment commence?

It is difficult to indicate when the redevelopment will happen as there are a number of processes that need to happen first. We will continue to communicate with the community as the study continues.

Will the redevelopment include more pools and fitness facilities?

At this stage we are unsure what the redevelopment will look like, it will depend on what issues and future needs are identified through the feasibility study which will include your feedback on your current usage.

Who is paying for the redevelopment?

At this stage funding for the redevelopment will primarily come from Council, however there maybe funding opportunities with State Government who have expressed an interest in the feasibility study.