What was the process of appointing the NARC design contract? How was this decision made?

    Council engaged an external probity adviser and an external probity auditor at the start of the procurement process and retained their services until the tender evaluation was complete. All probity requirements were met without issue.

    Will there be more community engagement?

    As part of the design phase of the project, Council will host information sessions to ensure the community is kept up to date on how the project progresses.

    When will the construction of the new facility commence?

    It is difficult to indicate when the redevelopment will happen as there are a number of processes that need to happen first. We will continue to communicate with the community as the design progresses with indicative timelines for construction.

    Will NARC be closed during the redevelopment? What will happen to centre programs and classes; such as learn to swim and group fitness classes? Can I go somewhere else nearby?

    Once a design concept is confirmed, Council will determine the potential impact on NARC’s operations.

    The centre will remain open for business as usual during the design phase of the redevelopment. In later stages of the redevelopment, some services may need to be relocated to nearby venues, or the centre may need to be closed.

    Council will explore a range of alternative arrangements so that the community can continue their health and fitness activities, and will provide regular updates for the community, NARC members and users, including updates on the Council website.

    What will happen to my membership and programs during the redevelopment?

    Council will explore a range of alternative arrangements so that NARC members can continue their health and fitness activities. Council will provide regular updates for NARC members and users about future service opportunities.

    How much will the redevelopment cost?

    Council is exploring funding opportunities with both the Federal and State Governments.  The project budget is estimated to be more than $60 million. This includes design, demolition, construction and fit out and landscaping.