Does Council have plans to acquire my property?

    No.  Council has no plan to acquire any properties as part of Amendment C130.

    What is a zone?

    A zone indicates the purpose of land and indicates which uses can and cannot be undertaken on that land. It also specifies which uses and which kind of works require a planning permit. The content of zones is generally prescribed by the State Government. Councils propose where a zone is applied. Schedules to a zone can prescribe additional information specific to a particular area.

    For Amendment C130 a Priority Development Zone - Schedule 2 is proposed.

    Where can I get more information?

    This website contains comprehensive information about Amendment C130. You can also view the exhibition documents in these other places:


    On the Department of Planning and Community Development website at

    In Person

    Exhibition documents are on display in the following locations:

  • City of Darebin - 274 Gower Street, Preston

  • Have a Question?

    Send an email to:

    Phone: 8470 8768

    What's next and how can I have my say?

    Amendment C130 will be on public exhibition from the 27 February until the 31 March 2014.

    You can have your say by making a formal submission during this time. A submission may support, oppose, or seek changes to the Amendment.

    Who can make a Submission?

    Any person who may be affected by a proposed amendment (either as the owner or occupier of land which is to be the subject of changed planning scheme provisions) or who may be affected by changes on other land, can make a submission.

    In the case of a submission made jointly by a number of people, the submission should nominate one person as the group’s representative for notices and representation.

    How do I lodge a Submission?

    Submissions must be in writing and be clearly marked with the Amendment number, the name of the person (or nominated person if it is a group) making the submission, preferred contact details, the address of the affected property (if applicable) and the reason/s for the submission.

    Your submission can be lodged in several ways:

    • By Email - send your submission to:
    • By Post - address your submission to Planning Services Consultation, Darebin City Council, PO Box 91, Preston VIC 3072

    When must Submissions be received by?

    All submissions must be received by Council no later than 31 March 2014

    What does Council do with Submissions?

    Council is required under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to consider all submissions to the Amendment. 

    Please be aware that under the Section 21(2) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council is required to make a copy of any submission available for any person to inspect.

    Essentially, the steps in the Amendment process after the exhibition period ends are:

    Review of submissions: Council officers review all submissions received.  As part of this process Council officers may contact submitters as required to further discuss their submission and the changes sought.

    Council Meeting to report on submissions: Council officers will prepare a report to Council on the outcomes of the formal exhibition process. This report will provide a detailed response to each submission. In the case of submissions which request a change to the Amendment, the Act requires Council to either change the amendment as requested, or refer the submission to an independent Panel. Council also has the option of abandoning the Amendment or the part of it affected by the submission. All submitters will be notified of the Council meeting date.

    Panel Hearing: If submissions are referred to a Panel, Planning Panels Victoria will invite submitters to appear at a Panel Hearing in support of their submission. After the hearing, the Panel will then prepare a report with recommendations for Council's consideration. 

    Council Meeting to decide on Amendment: Council officers will prepare a report to Council detailing the recommendations of the independent Panel. Council will decide on whether to accept or reject the Panel recommendations and decide on whether to adopt the Amendment and submit it to the Minister of Planning for approval. If Panel recommendations are not adopted, Council will need to provide justification of this position to the Minister for Planning as part of any request for approval.

    Minister's Decision: the Minister for Planning decides whether to approve the Amendment. If approved, a notice will appear in the Government Gazette and Council will notify all submitters and the broader local community. The changes to the planning scheme would come into affect on the day the approval of the Amendment is gazetted.

    The  Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure website has more information on the Planning Scheme Amendment process:

    Overview of next steps