Why are the changes necessary?

    Council has resolved to revisit the residential zones for a number of reasons. 

    Council’s original proposal (via Amendment C144) for application of the NRZ (at 38 per cent) was not supported by the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee (RZSAC), which supported only 11.5 per cent. Council maintains that its original proposal is sound, and seeks to apply the NRZ (Schedule 1) as per Amendment C144.

    Darebin has comparatively less NRZ coverage than neighbouring municipalities. Council is concerned that the municipality will be exposed to inappropriate development pressure and seeks to address this by protecting additional neighbourhoods with the NRZ1 via Amendment C156.

    Will I be able to have my say?

    Amendment C156 is a request for a Ministerial Amendment and is not being formally exhibited. Council considers that a full planning scheme amendment process is not appropriate with the current Amendment C156 proposal given that Council has already been through a number of public processes, including the exhibition and panel proceedings associated with Amendments C138 and C144.

    As such, Council cannot accept formal submissions.

    How will this affect development applications?

    Amendment C156 is not a ‘seriously entertained’ planning scheme amendment. As such, it can be given limited weight in the assessment of planning permit applications. 

    However, it does establish Council’s position in relation to the new residential zones.  

    Permit holders and permit applicants are encouraged to discuss these matters with Council if they believe they will be affected by the new residential zones.

    How can I find further information?

    You can view the proposed planning scheme amendment documents on this web site.

    Have a question?

    Contact Strategic Planning on 8470 8768 or email planningservices@darebin.vic.gov.au