What did the most community say in the most recent period of feedback?

    You can read a detailed summary of the themes that were brought up during consultation on the Your Say project page. We sincerely thank all of those who took the time to provide their feedback during the last round of consultation in September. Many of the submissions we received were within the scope of the project and we’ll be able to incorporate them moving forward. This includes the relationship between Bill Lawry Oval and the Oldis Gardens – we’ll work to ensure there is better connectivity between the two sites as part of the project. Another consistent theme from those who provided feedback is that Bill Lawry Oval should be available for all members of the community to use, not just sporting clubs. In this light, our design will ensure flexible use of communal spaces so that the precinct can be used for a wide range of community uses. There was mixed feedback on the proposal of demolishing the grandstand, with approximately 14 per cent of submissions expressing some concern regarding the intention.

    Does this mean the grandstand will be demolished?

    A decision is yet to be made in relation to the future of the grandstand. This decision will be subject to a planning permit application and will follow the regular statutory process.

    We already knew the facilities, including the grandstand, at Bill Lawry Oval were nearing their end of life which is why Council embarked on this redevelopment project. The current grandstand structure was built in the late 1920s, while the other buildings on site were constructed in the 1970s and 1980s.

    While we were seeking community feedback on our draft proposal, Council also sought additional technical advice about the structural integrity of the building and its heritage value. Taking into consideration all of this advice, we will be submitting a planning permit with the intention of demolishing the grandstand. The structural condition report, heritage advice and community consultation outcomes will be considered as a part of the planning permit process.

    As with all Council planning applications, the community will be invited to provide a formal submission on the application during the period of public notification in line with Council’s planning scheme.

    What are the next steps?

    At the same time as lodging the planning application, Council will also seek expressions of interest from architects who would like to partner with Council to design this process. Although we are seeking interest now, we won’t appoint an architect until the planning process is completed and the scope of the project is finalised.