Cheddar Road Local Area Place Making

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Council is proposing a range of solutions to address road safety issues raised by residents as part of the Cheddar Local Area Place-making Project (Cheddar LAPM).

The study area is between Tunaley Parade, Broadway, Cheddar Road and Plenty Road (as shown in the map above).

Tell us what you think!

We are now inviting your feedback on the draft proposal and concept plans. You can:

Feedback is open until 20 July 2020.

(Click on the images below to view the proposal and draft concept plans)

Why are we proposing changes to the area?

The Cheddar LAPM project commenced in 2018, following a number of road safety concerns raised by the community which were backed up through traffic and collision data. As part of Council's commitment to road safety and improving the road environment for local residents, pedestrians and cyclists, we’re now asking for the community’s input on the draft concept plans for the project area.

Project aims and types of treatments

In response to what the community has told us, the Cheddar LAPM project aims to achieve:

  • Streets that are designed to encourage slower vehicle speeds
  • A local streets network that discourages unnecessary through traffic movement (like 'rat-running')
  • Safer opportunities to cross streets
  • Streets that are safe and encourage bike riding

The proposal includes:

  • road safety treatments such as raised crossings and changes to turning arrangements at some intersections
  • some changes that would let bikes through but not cars

The plan below shows road names and the locations of proposed treatments within the Cheddar LAPM area. This map is not included in the documents above.