What’s going on?

    Council is calling on local community members to come together to form a Project Control Group (PCG) to collaboratively design and develop a master plan for Thornbury’s Mayer Park, with support and guidance from the Council.

    Why is Council doing this?

    Given the strong community interest in Mayer Park, Council is keen to take a different approach to engagement with the community and stakeholders on this project.

    We want it to be truly community-led.

    We think it will be a great way to strengthen our community too.

    What needs to happen?

    The PCG will be tasked with conducting the consultation process that will inform the development of the master plan. The park’s primary function of sporting ground is to be retained. Open space for informal activities such as walking, dog-walking, sitting running is also to be retained.

    Is Council outsourcing all its work to residents now?

    Not at all. This is only the second community-led design project initiated by Council, following closely in the footsteps of the Penders Park Master Plan where a similar approach has been adopted and is currently underway. If it’s as successful as we anticipate, there may be other projects that this approach can be applied to in the future. 

    Who will be in the Group?

    There will be eight community members and one Rucker Ward Councillor to Chair.

    What is the selection criteria for the Project Control Group?

    Membership will reflect key stakeholders and there will be a balance of gender, age and cultural diversity. Knowledge of local issues, ability to contribute ideas for improving the park and representing a broad cross section of views and understand the diverse needs of the local community are among the primary selection criteria. Members will be required to attend all meetings.Refer to the Terms of Reference for more information on the selection criteria.

    What will the PCG do?

    Consult the community and design and develop the master plan.

    Why have an Expression of Interest?

    To ensure the diverse community is represented.

    What role will the Council play?

    Council will provide support and guidance.

    How much will it cost?

    A budget of $65,000 has been assigned to conducting initial site assessments (e.g. due diligence Cultural Heritage Report and Flora & Fauna Assessment), feature and level surveys and for the development of the master plan.

    What does PCG stand for?

    PCG stands for Project Control Group. The group will be tasked with leading the consultation process and the development of the master plan.