What is the renewal precinct in Preston East?

    The renewal precinct is an area within the City of Darebin that has been identified as requiring revitalisation. Council has initiated foundation projects to prepare a Structure Plan and Renewal Strategy that will articulate a clear direction for the complete make-over of the existing area in the long-term.

    How is the renewal precinct in Preston East connected to the Latrobe Employment Cluster?

    In a regional context the renewal precinct is part of the La Trobe National Employment Cluster, an area of high concentration of jobs as identified in the Metropolitan Planning Strategy Plan Melbourne

    What geographical area is the renewal precinct in?

    The renewal precinct is located in Preston East bounded by Albert Street, Bell Street, Murray Road and the Darebin Creek to the east

    Why is Darebin City Council engaging in this urban renewal strategy?

    Recent demographic forecasts indicate a significant population growth for Darebin (40,000 increase in 15 years) and the renewal precinct has been identified to take a substantial share of this growth in the coming decades. This continuing trend offers Council the opportunity to set a vision to shape the future redevelopment towards an urban town centre that provides improved employment, environmental and social outcomes.

    How can the community become involved?

    Register with Your Say to receive updates on the project's progress, submit comments and become involved with future events.

    Who can I contact for further information?

    Please contact the Strategic Planning Department at the City of Darebin on 8470 8768 or planningservices@darebin.vic.gov.au