What is a Development Plan Overlay?

    A Development Plan Overlay (DPO) requires an overall plan to be prepared to co-ordinate land uses, development and redevelopment change over a defined area. It requires the preparation of a Development Plan that sets out conditions for land uses and the new built form. The specifics for such a plan are laid out in the Schedule. A schedule to the overlay specifies what the Development Plan must include and can include requirements about pedestrian and road connections, where different land uses should be located, the design of new development on the land among other things.

    The Development Plan Overlay Schedule 11 (DPO 11) will guide future development in a coordinated way to enable the creation of an urban village cluster for the area around the Newman Reserve and north of the St Georges Road tram depot. Objectives for sub-precincts are set out in DPO11 to guide land uses and the future built form that a development plan needs to fulfil.

    How can I have my say?

    The exhibition period for the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 11 (DPO11) under Amendment C136 process ended in early 2014. For more information, you can visit the webpage for Amendment C136.

    Council is now preparing preliminary plans based on the provisions and requirements of DPO11. Once these draft plans have been developed, they will form the basis for further community consultation for the precinct.  This website will contain details of consultation activities and how you can have your say.