What is a parklet?

    A parklet is an on-road car parking space that has been temporarily reallocated for outdoor dining use.

    What activities can be conducted in the parklet?

    The purpose of the parklets are for dining. Due to the current density restrictions for businesses, some businesses can only seat a very limited number of customers. Parklets give hospitality businesses additional space to be able to serve more diners.

    Can a business set up their own parklet?

    Council needs to approve the location of each parklet and ensure that it provides adequate protection for diners from passing vehicles. Businesses can submit a proposal for a parklet which will go through the same process we are using to assess extended footpath dining spaces.

    What do the parklets look like?

    To provide maximum protection for diners, we are using VicRoads approved water-filled barriers for the exterior perimeter of the parklets. These barriers provide the safest option in the case of a collision. 

    Some businesses have added decking to level the surface for tables and chairs, and they are also able to beautify the interior space of the parklet. The exterior of the parklet cannot be altered. 

    How do I know if a parklet has been approved by Council?

    The map on this Your Say page shows the location of all of Darebin's approved parklets. If you are aware of a parklet in Darebin that is not shown on the map, please let us know by calling Customer Service on 8470 8888.

    What if the parklet is taking away on-street car parking spaces?

    The parklets are a temporary response to support local businesses while restrictions are limiting the number of customers they can serve. Public street space has been reallocated temporarily for this purpose and private car parking is not impacted. Bus zones, loading zones and other areas restricted with red signs will not be affected.

    Why are the parklets taking up so much space?

    The parklets take up approximately the same amount of space as a parked car. Before installing the parklets, Council Officers carefully assess each site to ensure that existing access for people driving and riding is maintained. We encourage everyone to slow down when passing parklets, for everyone's safety.

    Parklets also have clear, reflective signage to indicate to motorists they are approaching an outdoor dining space.

    Why is the parklet so close to the corner of an intersection?

    Before installation, each parklet is assessed by Council Officers to ensure they are placed within existing car parking spaces. Parklets do not encroach into No Stopping zones.

    How many car parking spaces can a business request?

    Each Darebin business can request a parklet up to two car spaces in length. Ideally this should be directly outside your business. If the space extends in front of a neighbouring property, you will need to reach an agreement with that property owner to use the car space for outdoor dining. 

    How long will the parklets be there?

    Parklets are being approved for an initial three-month period. This allows us to review any feedback before extending the permit. Businesses can apply for an extension to their parklet permit, which if approved, will allow it to remain until June 30th, 2021.

    What if I have safety concerns?

    The safety of our community is always our highest priority. We know that our streets will feel and operate differently for a while as people start to move around again and trade continues to open-up.

    To support our businesses and local community we are installing safe places to trade that aligns with the State Government guidelines. Each installation is assessed for safety by a Transport Engineer as part of the approval process.

    There are times where these initiatives will disrupt travel and parking patterns and we hope together as community we can thrive again.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, please contact our project team on 8470 8888.