Panel Report received for Amendments C136, C137 and C138

24 Sep 2014

Darebin City Council has received the report of the independent planning panel regarding the new Municipal Strategic Statement and local planning policies (Amendment C138) and the proposed planning controls for St Georges Road Corridor (Amendment C136) and Plenty Road Corridor (Amendment C137).

The Panel generally supported the amendments and has recommended that the Council adopt them subject to a number of changes. The Panel’s key recommendations and suggested changes are summarised in the Executive summary which you can download here.

To download a copy of the full report, click here.

The Panel commended the Council in the detailed work underpinning the amendments and Council’s approach to leading change in Darebin. The Panel noted that:

“Council presented an extensive submission responding to the strategic basis of the Amendments as well as issues and concerns of the 253 submissions...

…The Panel supports the strategic direction of the review of Council’s MSS and the idea of managing development along public transport corridors….

...The Panel considers that Amendments C136, C137 and C138 will provide Council with a robust policy and development control platform to respond to the development pressures in inner and middle Melbourne over the years to come.”

In regards to the strategic corridors, the Panel Report accepted ‘that managing the built form of development along the corridors is a key driver for the Amendments’ and ‘that different planning controls will be needed depending on the local conditions.’ Many of the changes put forward by Council at the Panel hearings (after exhibition) were also accepted, in particular the requirements for greater transition between taller built form and the surrounding lower scale residential areas.

Notably, as part of Amendment C136 and C137, a number of mandatory controls were sought to be applied to St Georges Road and Plenty Road properties. Following the hearing, the Panel has supported Council’s mandatory height limits along these strategic corridors. These height limits are binding to all parties, including VCAT, and will provide greater certainty to the community and development industry alike.

The Panel recommendations in relation to these two amendments suggest several changes to the land use zones and suggest the Design Development Overlays (DDOs) be redrafted for greater clarity.

The next phase of the amendment process involves Council reaching a decision that considers and responds to the Panel recommendations. The amendments will be presented to Council for a decision in a two stage process with Amendment C138 to be decided first at the Council Meeting of 15 September 2014 due to its strategic importance to other current and proposed projects. The Plenty and St Georges Road amendments have greater complexity involved and will be presented at a later Council Meeting.

There will be no further formal consultation for this final stage of the three amendments, but submitters will be kept informed by the Strategic Planning Unit. Further updates will also be posted on this website as the Amendments progress.

For more information on any of the Amendments, please click on the relevant link below:




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Consultation has concluded. If you have questions in relation to Amendment C136, please call 8470 8768 or email link)

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