A market to treasure

by Blinky,

We moved to Reservoir from "south of the Yarra" in 2014. We had lived in a small flat for a long time and were looking to buy something larger. We considered moving to Moreland but  the Preston market convinced us to come to Darebin.

When I was young I used to shop at the Prahran fresh food market which, in those days, bore resemblance to the Preston market now. Young and old, rich and poor, people would flock to the market for affordable, fresh produce. These days the Prahran market is a pale imitation of what it used to be, sometimes expensive and with the kinds plastic-looking fruit and vegetables you see in supermarkets. I consider it a warning about what happens to markets when they lose their soul.

I love Preston market for it's rawness. It's not prettied up and essentially the same as supermarkets and shopping malls. They exist elsewhere and everywhere. Around the world supermarkets and shopping malls are pretty much the same, boring and lifeless in their ubiquity, sameness, air-conditioned, fluorescent-lit shininess. 

Preston Market is a place with history, a place that reflects its origins, that holds story in its structure, in the nature of the shopping experience. It's rich in variety - of food, clientele, traders, products. It's real and unique and that's something to treasure in a world of increasing shiny, boring uniformity that strips everything from its history and origins.

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