What is a Structure Plan?

    Reservoir is a Major Activities Area.  State Government activities areas policy encourages structure planning for these areas to account of the unique constraints and opportunities and to work with the local community to determine exactly how their activity areas should grow taking into account regional population trends and economic growth.

    The aim of structure planning for activities areas is to give effect to the policies and objectives set out for activity areas in State Policy to provide effectively for changing community needs.

    For more information on Activities Areas, you can visit the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure's Activities Areas Guidelines & Resources webpage.

    Structure plans will provide the foundation for activities areas change by defining the preferred direction of future growth and articulating how this change will be managed. Structure plans typically guide the major changes to land use, built form and public spaces that together can achieve economic, social and environmental objectives for the activity area. 

    What areas are included in the Structure Plan boundary for Reservoir?

    The Draft Structure Plan boundary includes Reservoir Village Shopping Centre, Broadway Shopping  Centre, Reservoir Rail Station, Reservoir Civic Centre and Library, Edwardes Lake Park, TW Andrews Park, Reservoir Leisure Centre, East Reservoir Neighbourhood Centre and the surrounding residential areas. 

    The  Structure Plan has been divided into 6 precincts (as shown below), each with its own unique land use and development objectives, strategies and actions: 

    • Precinct 1 The Central Heart 
    • Precinct 2 Reservoir Village 
    • Precinct 3 Broadway 
    • Precinct 4 High Street North 
    • Precinct 5 High Street South 
    • Precinct 6 Surrounding Residential 

    Where can I get more information?

    This website contains comprehensive information about the Reservoir Structure Plan as well as the amendment documents for Planning Scheme Amendment C138, which proposes to implement new directions from the Structure Plan. 

    You can also view Amendment C128 exhibition documents in the following other places:

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