What is Towards Equality Framework 2019-2029?

    Towards Equality 2019-2029 is Darebin City Council’s new Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights Framework, replacing our previous Equity and Inclusion Policy 2012-2017.

    The Framework aims to make Darebin a community for all, a fair city where everyone can thrive and belong.It puts equity, inclusion and human rights at the heart of all our work and will help us build a stronger, healthier and happier community where everyone is welcome, valued and respected.

    Why does Council have an Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights Framework?

    Council is committed to serving and responding to the diverse needs of our community. In line with the Council Plan 2017-2021 and Council’s long-standing commitment to social justice, we consider the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and human rights in everything we do.

    Over the past two decades, Council has worked to decrease poverty and discrimination and remove barriers that increase inequality. While our actions cannot, in themselves, resolve these complex issues, we can listen to, and work with, our community to make sure that our services, programs and decisions always consider equity and social justice, address discrimination and seek to reduce poverty and disadvantage.

    What is the Framework trying to achieve?

    Towards Equality will guide and help us strive for a just society by reducing disadvantage, standing against discrimination and sharing resources equitably. This means sharing resources so those who have less are given more, and carefully considering ways to make our community fair for all.This also means advocating to State and Federal Governments when we cannot directly act.

    The Framework will also help us hear and understand the diverse needs of all Darebin residents so that everyone is able to access the services, programs, places and spaces they need. We want to make sure that every person can be involved in their local community, because we are all better off when everyone is able to belong, contribute and thrive.

    How did Council develop the draft Towards Equality Framework?

    The draft framework has been developed over 2018-2019 from the experiences and lessons learnt through Council’s previous Equity and Inclusion Policy 2012-2017 and its implementation.

    It is based on a significant body of research and evidence that demonstrates the role, scope and opportunities for local government to address inequality.

    The Framework is further informed by the extensive consultations undertaken during the development of Council’s many action plans and strategies which take a social justice approach to improving wellbeing and inclusion outcomes for different people and groups within our community.